Monday, July 28, 2008

Something ain't kosher in Iowa and at the New York Times

The embattled grey lady of newspapers the New York Times has had a series of articles about the immigration raids in May at a "kosher" meat packing plant in Iowa by Julia Preston. It illustrates some of the reasons why the paper is losing it's credibility when it comes to reporting the news. Here are some of the money quotes from today's article:

"POSTVILLE, Iowa — About 1,000 people, including Hispanic immigrants, Catholic clergy members, rabbis and activists, marched through the center of this farm town on Sunday and held a rally at the entrance to a kosher meatpacking plant that was raided in May by immigration authorities."

Hmmm, the usual pro illegal immigrant activists protesting. But, notice no mention of "illegal immigrants" in this first paragraph. I guess the immigration raid in May swept them all up. Yeah right! Why are these "activists" protesting anyway? Read on...

"The march was called to protest working conditions in the plant, owned by Agriprocessors Inc., and to call for Congressional legislation to give legal status to illegal immigrants"

Ah there it is. Everything was fine as long as the illegal immigrants were allowed to violate U.S. laws, commit identity theft and get paid above minimum wage. But, now that the laws are being enforced and the illegal immigrants are being caught it's time to give the illegal workers legal status. Huh?

You need to read until the last three paragraphs to get quotes from people who really know what the immigration raids where really all about.

“It’s a felony when you take someone’s identity, and we think that needs to be out there when you talk about the supposed injustices against undocumented workers,” said Susan Tully of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, an organizer of the counterprotest."

Give the workers legal status after breaking our laws and committing felonies? I don't think so.

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