Saturday, August 06, 2011


 Well, the left's favorite snarky Liberal lesbian Rachel Maddow got it wrong again!  On her Thursday night show she played a clip from the Rush Limbaugh radio show claiming it was from the day before when in fact it was from a year ago. Newsbusters has the story here.  You would think that having a show on MessNBC would involve more fact checking and that viewers could trust it more than say a YOU TUBE posting but, apparently not. But, of course this is not the first time Maddow has got it wrong.  But, getting it wrong may be ok when your are on the list as one of the Obama administrations approved pundits. Which brings up an interesting point. Rachel Maddow did her show from Washington Friday night. I wonder if she and fellow Obama Administration approved news media types are having another private propaganda sit down with Obama at the White House this weekend? Then again she is supposed to be one of the panelists on MEET THE PRESS this weekend too.  Looks like the standard at NBC Network shows that guests on prestigious shows like MEET THE PRESS are heading toward the MessNBC baseline standard. Wonder if Maddow will wear her glasses on MTP? It may help make her look smarter than she is.


Derek Alexander said...

I still think Rachel is an odd name for a man, don't you?

BCP said...

Rumor has it she and Chris Hayes are the same person.