Tuesday, August 02, 2011


The Obama Administration's legal waterboy Attorney General Eric Holder is busy at the Justice Department. But, not in helping helping the United States do important things like enforce immigration laws. No, they are busy going after states like Arizonia who are trying to do something about rampant illegal immigration because of the FAILURES of the Federal Government. Now the so called "Justice" Department is going after another state which is trying to compensate for the Federal Government failure when it comes to enforcing illegal immigration laws.  This time they are going after the state of Alabama. Here is the quote from U.S. Attorney for Northern Arizona Joyce White Vance explaining why the Obama administration is going after states like Alabama:

"To put it in terms we relate to here in Alabama, you can only have one quarterback in a football game. In immigration, the federal government is the quarterback," - Joyce White Vance, the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama."

Well Ms. Vance if that's the case it's no wonder we are losing the game in enforcing immigration laws. Because the coach is President Obama and when it comes enforcement of our immigration laws failure is part of the game plan!

One thing U.S. Attorney Vance, Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama forget is that the American citizens are owners of the team and we are really getting tired of the failures of the Federal Government on the field! Hopefully, we will be making some changes come the election of 2012 to the team at the Justice Department and the White House.

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