Tuesday, August 09, 2011


 Hypocrisy rears it's head again as the illegal immigrant advocacy groups get caught in a Catch 22 of their own making.  Here are the background quotes:

"So long as local police departments send fingerprint information to the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement can also check that data against its databases, ICE Director John Morton informed 39 state governors in an August 5 letter.

"No agreement with the state is legally necessary for one part of the federal government to share it with another part," Morton said, revoking as moot agreements set up between states and ICE over a controversial effort known as Secure Communities."
Here is some of the outcry from the illegal immigrant activists groups:
"Immigrant rights advocates and a Bay Area lawmaker blasted the Obama administration Monday for stripping states of any power over a national fingerprint-sharing program intended to ease deportations of illegal immigrants held in jail.

Advocacy groups in California called the administration's decision to enforce the Secure Communities program on its own, with no state participation, a "shocking display of bad faith" and urged Gov. Jerry Brown and Attorney General Kamala Harris to speak out against it."
Well, well, well the illegal immigrant advocate groups are screaming like stuck pigs after Immigration and Customs Enforcement drop all agreements with localities participating in the "Secure Communities" program.  But, they were the ones screaming after states like Arizona wanted to help enforce immigration laws. The ACLU and others (like the Obama Administration) came out and claimed only the Federal Government can enforce those laws and the states have no voice or right to interfere. Those illegal immigrant advocates should file this under "be careful what you wish for".

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