Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Report from the Republican Convention

I've been here in St Paul for a week and have not had much time to blog or even do more than some walks around the XCEL convention center. Now that the Republicans have arrived and the convention begining there will be even less time. Things are starting to heat up on a number of levels. Security is getting tighter and we were advised yesterday to hide our credential when leaving the building because there were reports the more radical protesters aka anarchists were macing people and cutting the credentials from around there necks in an attempt to gain access to the convention. Stay tuned to see if they do succeed. I the meantime here are some images I took in the last week:

You knew security was tightening when last week you began to notice things like workers welding the manhole covers around the EXCEL center welding the manhole cover shut.

Last week the convention floor was filled with bags of ballons 100,000 of them before they lifted them up to the ceiling . I think one of the highlights for me at this convention will be when they drop them from the rafters it should be quite a show.
The media has arrived! That's CNN's Wolf Blitzer with Bill Bennet and Donna Brazil.
Yesterday the delegetes began to arrive. It's about time to get this party started!

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