Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama and McCain

I was feeling rather good after Obama's 60 minutes interview Sunday night. I went to sleep thinking that Obama would "do the right thing" for the country after the Steve Kroft softball interview. But, my concern was raised on Monday as Obama met with the defeated Juan McCain in Chicago. Even though it was hardly mentioned during the campaign illegal immigration was mentioned in news reports following the Obama/McCain meeting. This is not a good thing. Especially considering that McCain led the charge on amnesty for illegal immigration. As we we found out through the faulty reporting of the New York Times McCain had a financial reason for backing illegal immigration amnesty. Because it involved money for his friends and backers like the Spanish language Univision TV network. Let's hope Obama understands this special interest connection of McCain's.

Meanwhile the Washington Post reports on a new poll regarding illegal immigration. Here are some of the money quotes:
"Americans and Europeans share deep concerns about immigration, with a large percentage worrying that it can bring crime and displace workers "

People on both sides of the Atlantic express sharply negative views of illegal immigration, and roughly half of respondents said they think immigration in general is "more of a problem" than an opportunity for their societies.

"Real anxiety about legal immigration exists, but it is dwarfed by concerns about illegal immigration," the fund said in a statement yesterday. At least 80 percent of respondents in all surveyed countries called for stronger border controls, and more than 73 percent in all the countries called for tougher sanctions on those who hire illegal immigrants.

I hope Obama listens to the numbers in this poll and less to John McCain.

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