Saturday, August 08, 2009

The swearing in of Sonia Sotomayor

"WASHINGTON — Justice Sonia Sotomayor took the judicial oath on Saturday, becoming the first Hispanic and third woman to serve on the Supreme Court in United States history.- New York Times

The liberal media have been playing up the "historic" nomination Sonia Sotomayor and the how today she will be sworn in at the Supreme Court. Well since I am in Washington D.C. working out of the BCP bureau I thought I would jump on the Washington Metro and after a few stops get off at Union Station. Than saunter over to the Supreme Court building and checkout the action for this "historic" event. I thought it good that Sotomayor did a 180 on her statements about the "wise Latina woman" making a better decision than a white male during the hearings. Though I would have liked to hear a little bit more of her involvement with racist organizations like La Raza. Because of all the media hype about her being the first "Latino" Supreme Court Justice I was fully expecting to see the plaza in front of the Supreme Court filled with Hispanics and the groups that represent them for this "historic" occasion. I expected to see both U.S. citizens and illegals coming out for this "historic" swearing in of Justice Sotomayor. Instead I saw this:
More Security Guards then people on the Plaza. The above photo was taken a few minutes past 11 AM as Sotomayor was being sworn in by Justice Roberts. No La Raza, No Puerto Rican Defense Fund groups, no pro illegal immigrant groups and illegal immigrant amnesty supporters. Here another shot of the crowd gathered out side the building:
Which appeared to be mostly made up of gringo tourists from Ohio and other states visiting D.C. No placards of support for Sotomayor no posters in Spanish (Thankfully). Just a few tourists wandering around and of course:
The "media"! I kind of felt sorry for them as there was not much a story here for them to cover . No crying Latinos praising Sotomayor for having achieved ascendancy to the Supreme Court of the United States. No illegals saying what an inspiration she was to them. So much for "historic" occasions in the history of Latinos in America. But, one politician did show up and make some comments to the media:
Congresswoman Nadia Velaquez of New York. Who was actually sworn in by Sonia Sotomayor when she first became a Congresswoman.

I listened in as a reporter interviewed her. She said that the Sonia Sotomayor's rise to the Supreme Court should be a lesson for all the young Latinos out there that if you work hard and study even though you live in the projects with all the bad things and violence around you can still get ahead in America. I'd say that it's not just a lesson for "young Latinos" but, any young person in this country.

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