Wednesday, September 07, 2011


As the country awaits the joint session of Congress speech from President Obama let's take a look at how this jobs charade issue will probably pan out. At the labor day rally on Monday President Barack Obama said Monday that congressional Republicans must put their "country ahead of their party" and vote to create new jobs. The question is which country is he talking about? The trouble is the Obama Administration has shown time and time again it does not put AMERICAN workers ahead of those here illegally from other countries. As Obama's Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said in no uncertain terms last week. Think about that as Obama gives his speech on Thursday and talks about getting jobs to unemployed construction workers  Then take a look at what has happened in the past:

"An Alabama employment agency that sent 70 laborers and construction workers to job sites in that state in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina says the men were sent home after just two weeks on the job by employers who told them "the Mexicans had arrived" and were willing to work for less. Linda Swope, who operates Complete Employment Services Inc. in Mobile, Ala., told The Washington Times last week that the workers -- whom she described as U.S. citizens, residents of Alabama and predominantly black -- had been "urgently requested" by contractors hired to rebuild and clear devastated areas of the state, but were told to leave three job sites when the foreign workers showed up."-Diggers Realm

"Tens of thousands of jobs created by the economic stimulus law could end up filled by illegal immigrants, particularly in big states such as California where undocumented workers are heavily represented in construction, experts on both sides of the issue say. Studies by two conservative think tanks estimate immigrants in the United States illegally could take 300,000 construction jobs, or 15% of the 2 million jobs that new taxpayer-financed projects are predicted to create."-USA TODAY

Just go take a look at any construction or renovation site in your area and see who is actually working there. Yeah, you might see an American foreman on the job but, the workers will probably not be American or even here in this country legally and that is just what the business groups and the Obama administration have no problem with. 

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