Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Even as more in Congress call for his resignation over the Fast and Furious debacle. Eric Holder is once again showing why he was picked as Attorney General by Obama. He is nothing but, the water boy for the Obama Administration polices. Just like he was the water boy for Bill Clinton in the Mark Rich pardon fiasco. Here is the latest outrage from Holder's Justice Department which is not really about justice at all. It is about trying to put a legal curtain in front of the Obama Administration's failure of enforcement of U.S. immigration laws. In addition to suing states like Arizona and  Alabama over their attempts to do something about illegal immigration the Justice Department is now suing South Carolina. Here is the amusing quote from our pathetic Attorney General:

“Today’s lawsuit makes clear once again that the Justice Department will not hesitate to challenge a state’s immigration law, as we have in Arizona, Alabama and South Carolina, if we find that the law interferes with the federal government’s enforcement of immigration,” read a statement from embattled Attorney General Eric Holder.- Daily Caller

The real laugh is most of the American people are asking: WHAT ENFORCEMENT? Especially following the very quietly announced  suspension of a successful Department of Homeland security program regarding illegal immigration enforcement:

"The Monday announcement by the Department of Justice follows the news that the Department of Homeland Security has quietly canceled long-standing checks of transportation hubs for illegal immigrants."

It can not be said enough. When it comes to enforcing U.S. immigration laws the Obama Administration is making failure an option!

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