Sunday, January 29, 2012


Cablevision the Long Island based cable TV provider has never been my favorite media company. In fact I cancelled my cable last year because they are not really concerned about America. My dissatisfaction started a number of years ago when they dropped the CSPAN channels from their basic line up and put several Spanish language stations in their place. That meant no Book TV or being able to watch the Healthcare debate in Congress but, I could watch all the Spanish language TV novellas I could stand. They were just Hispandering to the rising illegal immigrant population on Long Island while dissing Amercan citizens like me. So I now keep my money in my wallet and find FIOS Internet provides all the information I need and do not miss cable TV at all.

Cablevision it seems has now gone further besides ripping customers off with their monthly bill and catering to Latinos. They have hired outside contractors whose employees have actually burglarized the homes of customers who where having Cablevision installed. Here are the money quotes:

"Officers from the fifth precinct were responding to the call of a burglary in progress when they saw Marvin Escobar, 19, walking out of the home on Haig Avenue at approximately 10:25 a.m. Escobar fled, but was captured a short distance away in the possession of assorted jewelry. Police then noticed a suspicious van in the area as they returned to their cars, The van has magnetic Optimum Cable logos attached to the side and was later pulled over in Medford, where police found the driver and two passengers also in possession of stolen jewelry. Those men were identified as Robert Alcantara, 20; Jose Castro, 19: and Francisco Sanchez, 41; all from Suffolk County. A later investigation found that four men involved in the East Patchogue burglary were also responsible for six other burglaries of homes in the area. Sanchez was also charged with grand larceny in the fourth degree for stealing jewelry while working as a subcontractor for Optimum Cable at a home in Terryville in July."-MSNBC

Where was the supervision by Cablevision? Are any of these Latino's caught in this country here illegally? Chances I'd say are highly probable. Don't bet on finding this out from the politically correct Liberal media outlets. In the meantime if you allow companies like Cablevision or any other company hiring day laborers to do any work on your property you had better be home and keep your eyes open. You might get ripped off for more than you think!


Anonymous said...

escobar, alcantara, and castro did not work for the contractor. Yes, these are criminals but that leaves you no right to lash out against the latino race as a whole. Take care, Sucker.

BCP said...

I noticed you left out Sanchez who did and was probably casing the homes for the others involved.