Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"Yale University President Richard Levin expressed outrage over revelations that the New York Police Department used cyber surveillance and other  tactics to monitor Muslim student associations throughout the Northeast." -Bloomberg

The truth is Americans should be outraged by some of the things Yale University is doing that hurt the United States and Connecticut taxpayers. Look at the lawsuits filed against Connecticut towns like East Hartford and others. You can usually trace the lawsuits back to some areas of Yale University's Law School. These lawsuits cost Connecticut taxpayers hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to defend against. And who is Yale University often filing these frequents lawsuits for? Illegal immigrants that who. People who are in this country illegally.

The lawsuits often seem to be delaying tactics to allow their "clients" to remain in this country rather than be swiftly deported. Which of course would save both local and Federal taxpayers money. They even boast about Yales' legal services help the illegals and impede immigration enforncement on their website. Here are some of the money quotes:

"Representation of 30 persons arrested in 2007 immigration raids in New Haven, in their pending removal proceedings and in the development of federalcivil rights litigation, and representation of community groups in related federal and state FOIA suits."

"Representing the Hartford Immigrant Rights Coalition (HIRC) in a successful effort to persuade the Hartford Common Council and Mayor to enact the nation’s strongest confidentiality ordinance regarding immigration status information and to prohibit local police from enforcing federal immigration laws."
Now Yale's President Richard Levin is upset because New York City Police are keeping an eye on Muslim students and what they publish on line. Damn right! Even liberal leaning New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg gave the left leaning Yale President a verbal smackdown:

"We have to keep this country safe. This is a dangerous place. Make no mistake about it. It’s very cute to go and to blame everybody and say we should stay away from anything that smacks of intelligence gathering. The job of our law enforcement is to make sure that they prevent things. And you only do that by being proactive. You have to respect people’s right to privacy. You have to obey the law. And I think the police officers across this country, at the federal level, state level, the city level, do that. But having said all of that, you are not going to survive, you will not be able to be a journalist and write what you want to say if the people who want to take away your freedoms are allowed to succeed."

Readers of this blog know I don't always agree with Bloomberg. But, on this he is spot on! It's time for Yale to start helping America and not hurting it. It could start be making sure it's Law School helps Americans and not those here illegally.

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