Wednesday, May 02, 2012


"May Day is a day on which socialist party faithful and labor unions have traditionally held massive anti-capitalist protests, and on Tuesday some liberal organizers used the occasion to rekindle the Occupy Wall Street movement’s flames."-DAILY CALLER

You've got to wonder why an Obama Administration appointee working in Homeland Security would tweet “Happy May Day! #solidarity.”  But, Nate Snyder, the special adviser to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for “Community Partnership and Strategic Engagement did just that on Monday.   And the Democrats wonder why so many people consider Obama a socialist after he puts people like Synder with his leanings into departments like Homeland Security. Of course he also appointed others like Van Jones into other positions in his administration so there is a pattern here.

And of course there is this:"Yesterday, the Obama campaign unveiled its new slogan, "Forward." As we pointed out here at Breitbart News, the slogan borrows not just from left-wing cable network MNSBC's "Lean Forward," but also from decades of communist iconography."   -BIG GOVERNMENT

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