Monday, June 25, 2012


Once again the  illegal immigrant lobby shows how corupt they really are and how easily they can manipulate the liberal media. Here is another example of the mainstream left media ignoring facts and background to help push the illegal immigrant agenda. This time it is CNN who identified Mayra Hiladgo as a college student who asked Mitt Romney about illegal immigration. Turns out she is not just one of the sympathetic cases the illegal immigrant lobby and the Obama administration trots out to push for the "Dream Act". She actually works for a DC lobbyist. Here is the money quote:
"A little more digging reveals Hidaglo describes herself on her Twitter profile as an "Immigrant rights organizer," and she is called here a DREAM Act activist. In fact, Ms. Hidalgo, whom CNN referred to in January as a "college student" in fear of deportation – and then yesterday as a "college student" who confronted Gov. Romney – actually works for a Washington DC lobbyist."

More on the false face of Hildago and the dupes/activist reporting of CNN click here.
 " CNN got duped into covering this woman, multiple times; or else they knew very well that she was an activist and purposely hid the fact to paint her as "just a college student" in fear of Gov. Romney's policies. Either way, CNN has some explaining to do. " 
Indeed! Wonder if  pro illegal immigrant  CNN host Soledad O'brien is involved in this scandal too?"

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