Sunday, August 12, 2012

STUPID BLACK MEN: Hilary O. Shelton of the NAACP

 It seems the liberal Dumbocrats in charge of the NAACP have two standards for representing the people they supposedly represent. There is one for Democratic candidates and there is another for black Conservative candidates. You can not get a better example of the political hypocrisy of this racial organization then the ad put out against Congressman Allen West the black conservative Congressman by the super pac called American Sunrise which got $250,000 of its initial $350,050 budget from Coastal Construction CEO Thomas Murphy Jr., who is Patrick Murphy’s father. Patrick Murphy is a Democrat challenger to the black Conservative candidate Allen West.  
Allen West rightly notes the unabashed hypocrisy of the Democrats ad:

"Think if the Republican Party or some conservative PAC ran a picture of a black Democrat politician or congressman punching white women and white seniors. I’m sure that MSNBC, NBC and the Huffington Post and everyone would be going apoplectic right now,” 

West is right about that! But, the NAACP's  chief Washington DC lobbyists Hilary (a boy named Sue) O. Shelton:

sees nothing wrong with the image of a black man beating up a white woman in the ad. He said he watched the ad three or four times and said:

“It is a typical campaign ad,” . “I don’t see it playing on stereotypes.”

  Huh?  You mean this ad against West  is not as offensive as the Willie Horton ad?  "Horton was the convicted murderer featured in a 1988 ad by a PAC supporting Republican George H.W. Bush for president and slamming Democratic rival Michael Dukakis as soft on crime. While Dukakis was governor of Massachusetts, Horton used a weekend furlough to escape and later kidnap a couple, stabbing the man and raping the woman."

Just listen to the BS coming out of Shelton's mouth on the difference:

"Critics charged that the 1988 TV ad was meant to inflame white prejudice by featuring a menacing photo of Horton, who is black.
The NAACP’s Shelton said the smiling photo of West used in the American Sunrise ad isn’t in the same category.
“What you don’t see is the kind of Willie Hortonesque making him look more sinister,” Shelton said. “He does not look more aggressive, he does not look more threatening. He looks congressional.”

So now the NAACP standard is you can portray black men beating up a white woman as long as they are smiling when they do it!  Do they really think the black people they represent are really going to buy this blatant hypocrisy and stupidity? Though I'm sure the Liberal mainstream media will.


Allen West punches back at Patrick Murphy while the NAACP stays shamefully mum:

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