Friday, September 28, 2012


Just another example of why people no longer trust the dying mainstream liberal media in the U.S. The latest outrage once again comes from NBC which should have learned from it's past mistakes or was it a deliberate bias?  This latest editing outrage seems to be a deliberate attempt by people at MSNBC to distort the facts and harm the Romney campaign. From the clip it appears that Mika Brezinski seems to have had a hand in this duplicity as she is the one who pushed the clip to be played. Then she tries to stifle her laugh afterward. Did she know she was putting one over on clueless Joe Scarbourgh? What was her influence behind the scenes inquiring minds want to know? Here is the doctored edited clip as shown on MSNBC and following that the facts as to what really happened at the event:

Some people need to be fired over this deliberate falsification of the facts. Maybe they should start with Mika Brezenski and the producers and the editors who pushed this distortion on the air! Then go after MSNBC exec Phil Griffen who seems to tolerate the distortion and lies.

Even the liberal leaning New York Times reports what actually took place at the Dayton Romney/Ryan rally:

"After Mr. Ryan whooped up the crowd in Vandalia on Tuesday, Mr. Romney moved to the front of the stage. As the crowd began chanting “Romney! Romney!” he cut them off. “Wait a second,” Mr. Romney said, instructing the audience to cheer for 'Romney-Ryan! Romney-Ryan!' They did," the Times reported.- Examiner

It's pretty clear heads need to roll at MSNBC if NBC NEWS wants to salvage any credibility that remains that they really are still a "news" organization and not a part of the Obama campaign's propaganda tactics.  

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