Wednesday, November 20, 2013


It's seems President Obama has a problem with telling the truth. Like his remarks about people being able to keep the insurance plans with Obamacare.  Maybe because most of the American media don't fact check what he says it makes Obama he can get away with it. The latest lie that he has repeated is about the Senate Comprehensive Immigration Bill. Here is the money quote:

"And we do have to deal with about 11 million folks who are in this country, most of them just seeking opportunity; they did break the law by coming here or overstaying their visa, and they’ve got to earn their way out of the shadows -- pay a fine, learn English, get to the back of the line, pay their back taxes -- but giving them a mechanism whereby they can get right by our society.  And that’s reflected in the Senate bill."

He's lying! There is no provision for illegals to have to pay their back taxes! But, of course we American citizens do not get the same deal!

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