Saturday, February 25, 2006

Disasters + Military = another disaster for taxpayers!

In a report issued this week the Bush Administration tried to make the case to use the Military for natural disasters in this country including taking over control from the State and Local authorities. In short creating another disaster. The Military is supposed to blow things up and kill people. They are not trained to cut tree limbs and serve food. They are trained to make a mess not to clean it up. As Bush's misadventure in Iraq shows the U.S. military can invade, and kill like no other force on earth. Lucky for us. But, when it comes to the aftermath it gets bogged down. Let the Military do what it does best death and destruction.
What is really going on here my fellow taxpayers, is more Crony Capitalism and that means more U.S. taxpayer money being pushed to Bush and Cheney's buddies in companies like Halliburton. Because in in Iraq it is firms like Halliburton not the military that feed the troops thanks to lucrative contracts they received. If the Military takes over in a disaster it will not be any different except that once again the howling winds will be replaced by the sucking sound coming out of U.S. taxpayers wallets and going into the coffers of companies like Halliburton.

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