Sunday, February 19, 2006

Still more Nukie for Bush.

Yesterday in his radio address President Bush called for building more nuclear plants among other stupid ideas that came out of the secret meetings with the real President (Dick Cheney) had back in early 2001. Of course I'm sure nobody in the Bush bubble told the puppet man about the Nuclear Regulatory Commission memo of January 23, 2002 which warned of a terrorist plans to fly planes into U.S. nuclear power plants and to divert them into a a tall building if fighter jets show up. The Bush plan would give them more nuclear targets on U.S. soil to aim for! Another dumb ass plan from those in power in Washington. He also wants to take more risk away from the the companies who will build the plants and put it on the U.S. taxpayer. The insurance industry has already looked at nuclear plant risk and has decided that they are to risky that's why congress passed the Price-Anderson Act where U.S. taxpayers assume the risk for nuclear accidents. Hello suckers, get ready to open your wallet even more if Bush pushes this plan through. The free market has already decided that nuke plants are too risky and expensive. That's why none have been built since the seventies and in the post 9/11 era having already been picked out by the terrorists as targets they have become even more risky to our safety

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