Saturday, September 16, 2006

Another nail in the coffin of America's middle class.

I have spent the past several days on a sailboat anchored in a cove on the North Shore of Long Island. It was peaceful and quiet and I spent more time listening to weather forecasts than news. Still a few things caught my attention on the newscasts I did hear. One was the Ford Motor Company announcement of offering buyouts for their entire blue collar workforce. It would certainly be another nail in the coffin for the mid west middle class workforce. Why is Ford cutting loose their longtime employees? The answer is because the Bush administration is making it easy for them to do so. There was supposed to be a scheduled meeting with big three U.S. automakers with the President this month but, was cancelled until after the November election. You know that won't be good for the consumer just like the secret energy meetings headed by Dick Cheney.
So how is this going to play out? Here's is my take.
1) Ford and the other big automakers get rid of their middle class workers.
2) Bush and the corporations jump on Republican Indiana congressman Mike Pence "compromise immigration" reform plan.
3) The automakers get a new cheap workforce using the Pence "Ellis Island Centers" funded by the corporations in unlimited numbers and the middle class taxpayers subsidize it all.

Dan Stein shows how this plan was in the works as early as last July:
"The Indiana congressman wants to privatize U.S. immigration policy, permitting big business to import unlimited cheap labor at the expense of U.S. workers and taxpayers. By doing so, we would reward the same special interests that have helped create the huge mess in which we now find ourselves."

Thanks to the buyouts and the Bush administrations immigration policy it sure looks like we will be saying goodbye to the Midwest middle class in the very near future. The workers will do ok with their buyouts but, their children won't have a good future finding a decent job.

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