Sunday, April 06, 2008

Got kids?

Speaking of New York there is an article today's Washington Post about the new status symbol for the elites. Having three kids. Here is the money quote:

"In many major U.S. cities and their suburbs -- especially New York, where I live -- having three or more children has now come to seem like an ostentatious display of good fortune, akin to owning a pied-à-terre in Paris. The family of five has become "deluxe." Last year, novelist Molly Jong-Fast mused in the New York Observer, "Are people having four or five children just because they can? Because they feel that it shows their wealth and status? In a world where the young rich use their $13,000 Birkin bags as diaper bags, one has to wonder."

Unbelievable! Just because you can fornicate does not mean that you should have more children. As a childless (by choice) male it often seems to me that for some people it is more about their legacy aka ego than the children that is important. As for me I will keep my carbon footprint low by not buying an SUV to transport kids to soccer practice or increase the amount of diapers in landfills. The hypocrisy is the impressionable elites who have more children will "go green" in their house but, ignore the cost of what having another child does to the environment. And don't get me started on the school taxes which I too am paying to educate these status "trophy" children too

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