Sunday, October 26, 2008

Divided we have more debate and responsible government

The Washington Post has an article today about the argument some Republicans are using during there reelection campaign, That is one party rule would allow an unchecked government to run amok. There are even concerns among the Democrats that they could over reach in there legislation. Here are the money quotes:

"In both chambers, liberal stalwarts are eager to turn on the spigot for increased spending on health-care, housing and education programs."

Somebody needs to tell these liberals. It's not about spending it's about governing.

"Democrats will face an early test when it takes up the children's health insurance bill vetoed by President Bush, as one of the new Congress's first tasks next year. The legislation would offer coverage to an additional 4 million children and is being portrayed by Democrats as a first step toward fulfilling Obama's pledge to provide universal health care.
Liberal Democrats are expected to expand the program further, to include children of illegal immigrants. But Hoyer said that would be asking for too much, financially and politically. "

And the American people especially don't want there money to be spent on illegal immigrants who have broken our laws.

"You might be able to do big things that have been blocked by divided government," said David Rohde, a Duke University political scientist. "But the potential pitfall is you can overreach, alienate the opposition party and alienate independents -- sowing the seeds of your own destruction."

Very true. The danger is once the liberal Democrats get near the money they can't won't be able to stop spending it. Much like the Republicans in the recent past.

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