Thursday, October 09, 2008

Eugene Robinson crys the News

In his column on Tuesday Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson and Obama butt boy complains about how the McCain campaign is trying use the "news media" to distract the issues in the campaign. As opposed to say the "news media" bringing their bias and prejudice for Obama into their reporting or not reporting as the case may be. Robinson obviously frustrated that the McCain campaign won't play by his and the liberal mainstream media rules. Here are some of the money quotes:

"we think of ourselves as working in the public interest. We repeatedly remind everyone that our right to do our jobs however we see fit is enshrined in the First Amendment. "

Note to Eugene Robinson: That first amendment does not only apply to six figure salaried columnist at the Washington Post but, also to working class guys sitting at a keyboard at 6:30 in the morning commenting on the news of the day or the news media, Get used to it! Mr. Robinson.

"We love to quote Thomas Jefferson about how he would rather have newspapers without a government than a government without newspapers. "

I suspect that if Thomas Jefferson were alive to day he might say the same thing except because of the continuing failures of the mainstream news media he might phrase it a little differently. Perhaps something like this:

I would rather have a country without newspapers than a country without bloggers.

I think Jefferson would truly understand that bloggers are truly the voices of the American people not columnist at organizations like the Washington Post. I suspect Jefferson would be a blogger too.
Robinson continues:

"But in the Jeffersonian sense, we know that it's not in the public interest to spend the rest of the campaign talking about fringe characters who once crossed paths with Obama, McCain, Palin or Joe Biden instead of debating the economy, the war on terror, health care or any of the other big issues that will define the next presidency. "

Uh, like illegal immigration? Have we heard one peep from the candidates or the news media about this issue? How about when candidate Obama just makes stuff up in speeches as he did in May. Did the Washington Post cover it? I guess since it was Obama and not McCain it was not considered news.

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