Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama pulling numbers out of his butt?

The mainstream political media is all over Scott McClellan's book on how the Bush administration lied to us about the Iraq war. Meanwhile, the corporate mainstream media seems to be ignoring Barrack Obama pulling stats out of his butt regarding hate crimes against Hispanics in his recent speeches. Mickey Kaus at Slate does a smackdown of Obama recent speeches and a look at the actual numbers. Here are some of the money quotes:
Where does Obama get that "hate crimes against Hispanic people doubled last year"--an alleged increase he blamed on "people like Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh ginning things up"?

A 35% increase over four years is not "doubled last year." (Never mind why the SPLC may have picked 2003 as their base of comparison ).

Am I missing some Obama data source? Or is this an overly overlooked incident of Obama pulling convenient facts out of the air? ...

Suppose John McCain had said the same thing! ... Er, actually, McCain probably will say the same thing. And he'll probably get a pass too. Who'd attack him for it? Obama? The Dobbs-deriding MSM? This is not an area where you can rely on the normal adversarial political process to yield the truth, because Obama, McCain and the MSM essentially agree on immigration. ...

Wups there it is! The truth on why the mainstream media is not looking to closely at what Obama is saying. Luckily, while Obama, McCain and La Raza try to kill the messengers the folks at the Lou Dobbs have a little something to share with Obama. and that is the facts:

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