Monday, May 12, 2008

The liberal media wants more tears and dollars from U.S. taxpayers.

I've been away on a vacation in the Bahamas for the past week. But, when I come back it seems the liberal mainstream media is up to their old tricks in reporting on immigration issues. The latest comes from the a 60 Minutes story last night and the Washington Post today where "reporters" Amy Goldstein and Dana Priest try to get U.S. citizens to shed tears for the immigrants in U.S. detention centers awaiting deportation. But, they downplay the role of their lawyers who (guess what?) are suing the Federal government. Hmmmm. Here are some the money quotes:

"This unnoticed prison system was built for a quick revolving door of detainees -- into custody, out of the country. But often, people linger in detention for months or years."

People in detention for months or years? Perhaps if they and their lawyers would stop trying to fight deportation they would be deported and released to get whatever medical treatment they desire just not on the U.S. taxpayers dime. It's their call (and of course their lawyers too) but, that is never mentioned by this crack reporting team from WAPO. But, we U.S. taxpayers are supposed to feel sorry for them as they game the system at our expense. While many citizens in our own country do not have any medical coverage. Yeah right.

Two months after ICE agents seized Harvill in Florida, they transferred her to Arizona last May, saying a federal compound called the Florence Service Processing Center was better suited to handle her medical care.

Seized? How about arrested as a more appropiate way to describe what happens to those who violate our laws. The bias in their reporting is showing.

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