Friday, May 16, 2008

Obermann is losing it and so is MSNBC.

I was channel surfing last night over some pork lo mein and switched on MSNBC'S COUNTDOWN hosted by Keith (big head) Obermann. I have not watched COUNTDOWN since Oberman and others like Al Roker at NBC like the politically correct Nazi's they are marched into the head of NBC News Steve Capus's office and demanded that Don Imus be taken off the air.
But, tuning into Obermann last night showed me how mentally deranged Obermann is and how degraded what is considered "news" is at MSNBC. The number one story on Countdown was about a tape of Bill O'Reilly getting pissed off on the set of Inside Edition twenty years ago. You can see how Obermann presented it here. Now I know that Obermann has an obsession for O'Reilly just as he is a political butt boy for Obama. But, last night's broadcast even went further by trying to pass off a female comedian as a expert on body language who analyzed O'Reilly outburst. Only at the end did Oberman make some passing remark that the woman was a fake. I don't know if this is a regular feature of MSNBC's COUNTDOWN show. But, I'd sure like to see the dictionary they are using and to see what yhe definition of "credibilty" is in their edtion. Obermann and MSNBC seems to be losing it.

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