Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Capitol shock over AIG bonuses

Barack Obama and others is hopping mad over $167 million dollars in bonuses that are to be paid to employees of AIG. Like the famous scene from Casablanca he and other pols in Washington are shocked that there is greed in the financial industry. He has instructed his "gelt" boy to try and stop it. My advice is don't hold your breath waiting for this.

"President Obama's apparent inability to block executive bonuses at insurance giant AIG has dealt a sharp blow to his young administration and is threatening to derail both public and congressional support for his ambitious political agenda. "-Washington Post

The question many of us taxpayers are asking is why is AIG still around as a company? Why was it not forced into bankruptcy? Could it be that pols like Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry who own stock in AIG still have a chance of gettting some of their money out as long as we taxpayers keep the company on life support using taxpayers dollars?

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