Friday, March 20, 2009

Obamanomics: AIG Bonus addition

President Obama is shocked that some people at AIG were given bonuses totaling $160 million dollars. He's either lying or has no clue what members of his administration are doing. Meanwhile the idiots in Congress retroactively impose a 90% tax on those bonuses which were legally given out. Which is a scary proposition for those of us who pay taxes. Meanwhile, Senator Chris Dodd who originally had a provision in the "Stimulus Bill" that would limit these bonuses but, the Obama administration had him take those restrictions. He's not the only one who was boondoggled by the Obama administration:

"The culprit behind the killing of the Wyden provision remains unsolved -- but Dodd fingering Treasury adds weight to Wyden's sense that members of Obama's economic team were behind the elimination of his amendment. And, in both cases, major decisions involving taxpayer money were carried out in a way that flies not in the face of fairness, but in the face of the administration's promises of transparency and accountability." -Huffington Post

So with Obama like his predecessor George W. Bush the questions remain he is he lying about knowing about the bonuses or clueless about what it is going in his administration. Obama should know that he can no longer escape the issues and accountability by speeches. Because they are becoming just words.

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