Tuesday, April 14, 2009


One would think this Federal government report from the Department of Homeland Security (with nameless authors) would be an April Fools joke. But, it is not. It is frightening attempt by some people in the government to try and make many American's anger at the failure of the Federal Government on certain issues like illegal immigration be painted as part of some vast "radical" right wing conspiracy. Instead of what it is. The true outrage and anger of U.S. citizens about the continuing failures of the Federal Government. It would be amusing if it was not so frightening that this "official" government report could be used as a pretext for the Obama administration to spy, wire tap and otherwise invade the privacy of U.S. citizens who truly have issues with the way the Federal Government has failed them. There are no names of organizations in the report that the government considers a "right wing extremist" so that means it could be anyone. This whole document smells as if it was written in the offices of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Michelle Malkin has some of the insightful money quotes on this chilling document:

"I have covered DHS for many years and am quite familiar with past assessments they and the FBI have done on animal rights terrorists and environmental terrorists. But those past reports have always been very specific in identifying the exact groups, causes, and targets of domestic terrorism, i.e., the ALF, ELF, and Stop Huntingdon wackos who have engaged in physical harassment, arson, vandalism, and worse against pharmaceutical companies, farms, labs, and university researchers. By contrast, the piece of crap report issued on April 7 is a sweeping indictment of conservatives. And the intent is clear. As the two spokespeople I talked with on the phone today made clear: They both pinpointed the recent “economic downturn” and the “general state of the economy” for stoking “rightwing extremism.” One of the spokespeople said he was told that the report has been in the works for a year. My b.s. detector went off the chart, and yours will, too, if you read through the entire report — which asserts with no evidence that an unquantified “resurgence in rightwing extremist recruitment and radicalizations activity” is due to home foreclosures, job losses, and…the historical presidential election."

Then there is this useless piece of crap analysis from the nameless DHS report writers:

"Threats from white supremacist and violent anti government groups during 2009 have been largely rhetorical and have not indicated plans to carry out violent acts."

TRANSLATION: These "unnamed" groups are practicing free speech. What a dangerous concept in a democracy! Obviously, the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security think so.

Every U.S. citizen should read this DHS report and think very strongly what the implications are for our country, democracy and free speech. Don't forget to smile at the cameras at the TEA PARTY our government will no doubt be watching!

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