Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ethics? We are the Obama Administration we don't need no ethics policy!

It seems the Obama administration is trying to brow beat the Washington Press on the Obama Administrations ethics hypocrisy by using the Wizard of Oz defense i.e. : Pay no attention to the hypocrisy behind the scenes just look at what these left leaning organizations are saying about us. Politco's Michael Calderone has the money quotes:

"If you’re CC’d on this email, it’s because you or your news outlet have reported extensively on criticism of ethics waivers. In the interest of fairness and balance, I wanted to make sure you saw and had the opportunity to report on the below release from ethics groups praising the President’s steps on transparency in the first ethics days. "- White House Press Office

This subtle threat to the press and it is a "We decide (what's ethical) and you report" mentality. This sounds just like a Bush administration position. Earth to the Obama administration. You either have ethics rules or you don't. If you want to claim you regard ethics as important you DO NOT issue "ethics waivers". You also don't hide behind the skirts of left leaning organizations that are sympathetic to you.

Oh yeah now let's talk about that "earmark" policy.

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