Saturday, May 02, 2009


Daniel Hausman, Amy Little, and Yolanda Hippensteele may soon be checking into the Greybar Hotel after pleading guilty to voter fraud in Ohio during last years Presidential election.
It seems these three along with others were engaged in a "get out the vote" campaign and voted in Ohio even though they had no intention of staying there. Which is against Ohio election laws. Were they just stupid? I don't think so. I mean if you are part of a "get out the vote" organization you would think that they might just know the election laws. Well, the courts have decided that no they were not stupid with the guilty verdict. As the judge said: "rescinding your request is like giving back the money once you've been caught."
As usual most of the mainstream corporate media ignored this story but, some intrepid reporters at dug deep and got the facts and went where others in the media dared not go. There may be hope for journalism if some of these college reporters get jobs in newsrooms and bureaus. They did the reporting that the other "news organizations" should have done. You can see some of the reporting of these young intrepid reporters on the voter fraud issue in Ohio here.

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