Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How stupid can San Francisco be?

From the NY Times:
"The San Francisco board of supervisors is expected to vote Tuesday to overturn a city policy that has been at the center of a national debate over offering illegal immigrants sanctuary. The policy, ordered by Mayor Gavin Newsom last summer, requires the police to contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement whenever they arrest a juvenile on felony charges who they suspect is in the United States illegally. Since the policy took effect in August 2008, more than 100 undocumented minors have been turned over to federal immigration authorities."

I thought the city of San Francisco was coming to around to it's senses when it enacted the law to get the illegals committing crimes on it's streets turned over to the Federal authorities. What bought the people of San Francisco around?

"The city was also shocked by a June 2008 triple murder, which prosecutors say was committed by Edwin Ramos, a suspected gang member and an illegal immigrant from El Salvador who had been arrested as a juvenile by the San Francisco police but
not turned over to immigration authorities."

Too bad it takes the deaths of three people to wake up a city to what happens when you let illegals run amuck in your town. But, now one stupido Supervisor named David Campos is leading the charge to rollback the enforcement. Who is David Campos? Why he's originally from Guatemala and came to this country illegally when he was 14. Hola suckers!

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