Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hello fellow boomers!

Guess what? President John Kennedy has left us a cold war gift. Cancer!

Walter Shapiro is the only reporter who showed up for the press conference and has the money quote:

"In 1961, as John Kennedy was poised to resume atmospheric testing after a two-year moratorium, he met with White House science adviser Jerome Wiesner in the Oval Office one rainy day. The president wondered how fallout reached the earth. Wiesner explained that it was washed out of the clouds by rain. "You mean," Kennedy asked, "it's in the rain out there?" As Wiesner tells it, the president then "looked out the window, looked very sad and didn't say a word for several minutes." Nonetheless JFK, fearful that the Soviet Union might score a nuclear breakthrough, authorized a new round of above-ground testing before negotiating the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1963."

A boom in cancer for boomers from the big booms. Why did only one reporter like Shapiro show up to cover the press conference? Well I guess it's not as big a story as Obama inviting a woman to play golf.

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