Friday, February 12, 2010


Mickey Kaus noticed that the New York Times seems to be repeating themselves especially when it comes to pushing their liberal agenda and taxpayer subsidized programs. Here is the money quote:

And they say Hollywood is hooked on sequels: "Once Stigmatized, Food Stamps Find New Acceptance." The New York Times' Jason DeParle and Robert
Gebeloff write ... wait, didn't the NYT run exactly this story a few months ago?. I think they did! On November 28, 2009. "Food Stamp Use Soars and
Stigma Fades." ... And people accuse Times editors of having an agenda. ...

But, it's not only food stamps the Times is pushing. A  year ago I mentioned it strange about how  the New York Times was concerned that the Welfare rolls were not increasing. The editors at the New York Times seem to still have their liberal blinders on.
Apparenty the agenda now at the New York Times is to bring back the culture of dependency regarding Federal Government programs like Welfare and Food Stamps big time. I'm sure the Obama Administration approves of this message too. But, do the taxpayers? I doubt it!

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