Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I was an opponent of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant back in the eighties.  I gathered research, had letters published in various publications, protested in front of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission building in Washington D.C. Even did an editorial reply on TV opposing the plant. Ironically, Just two days ago I burned a whole crate full of my research, newspaper clippings etc... in my fireplace. Got some nice BTU's to help heat the house out of them too. I did this because I have not looked at this stuff in years and decided I really did not need it anymore because the Shoreham nuclear plant was dead and gone and so was the crazy idea that nuclear power was really a good economical way to boil water in the corporate boardrooms of the power companies. Then President Obama came out with this idea:

"In a speech in Lanham, Md., Mr. Obama announced government approval of an $8.3 billion loan guarantee to help the Southern Company build two reactors in Burke County, Ga., near Augusta." -NY Times

Talk about corporate welfare! Hows that for "change" in Washington. The liberals should be livid about this subsidy. I am.  Of course it will mean a few jobs in building these plants but, we taxpayers will be on the hook for a lot of the money. So this is Obama's change idea? Excuse me while I spit. Because what he did not mention is this will be really helping the economy of Japan:

"these reactors were designed by Westinghouse, a subsidiary of Toshiba, and many major components will be fabricated abroad. And nuclear power is of limited use in offsetting oil imports."

But, the real reason I am so upset about this tax payer financed corporate welfare plan for new nuclear plants is that the Obama administration obviously has not read the MEMO:

"FBI headquarters has provided the following information to all field offices. During debriefings of an AL Qaeda senior operative, he stated there would (be) a second airline attack in the U.S. The attack was already planned and three individuals were on the ground in the U.S. The attack was already planned and three individuals were on the ground in the states recruiting non-Arabs to take part in the attack. The plan is to fly a commercial aircraft into a nuclear power plant to be chosen by the team on the ground. The plan including diverting the mission to any tall building if a military aircraft intercepts the plane."

Just like when Bin Laden and his pals turned U.S. airliners into cruise missles on 9/11 to be used against us. Al Queada has had plans in the works to use our nuclear plants as bombs in our backyards. If you think this idea is far fetched here is the money quote from KSM:

"I was responsible for surveillance needed to hit nuclear power plants that generate electricity in several U.S. states."- testimony of Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed  March 10, 2007

The question is has somebody picked up where KSM left off.

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