Thursday, May 20, 2010


When I am operating out of the BCP Washington D.C. Bureau I often take a walk in Rock Creek Park near the area where Chandra Levy was murdered almost ten years ago. The mainstream media all but, convicted Democratic Congressman Gary Condit in her murder at the time. But, they were wrong.   Levy's body was found in 2002 but, it took the Police until 2009 to arrest a suspect Ingmar Guandique, a 27-year-old illegal immigrant from El Salvador. Hmmm... and I always keep hearing the illegals only come here to work. Many of us who have pretty much given up on trusting most of the mainstream media to give us the facts in news stories when illegal immigrants are involved. Of course the MSM  love running those sympathetic stories about illegals. But, when it comes to murders by illegals those seem to get buried along with their victims.   Andrew Sullivan has some thoughts on Chandra's murder and how the mainstream press messed up and I think where many people began the distrust of their reporting. He also sees bloggers as being able to shine a spotlight onto the truth where many reporters and media outlets are failing to look. Here are the money quotes:
Bloggers are unrestrained by the orthodoxies of the professional reporter. They don't need to follow the conventions of the 800-word newspaper story and can instead toss out an idea in two sentences that will nonetheless spur national discussion. They can ask questions without necessarily supplying an answer. Critically, bloggers also do not typically rely on official sources for information. Reporters and their anonymous sources both benefit from the relationship. Reporters get exclusive information, which earns them promotions; sources weave narratives that serve their interests. This corrupting symbiosis makes the reporter all too quick to take an official's word at face value.

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