Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well, well well this is surprising! Seems the crime rate in Huntington Station on Long Island has gotten out of hand. So much so that a Suffolk County Legislator Jon Cooper of the area is calling on Suffolk County taxpayers to fund a Police substation in the area. The reason for this expense is because of gang violence in the area. Which is so prevalent that it caused a school board in the area to not reopen a school in the area this fall. Here are some of the money quotes:
"Responding to the surge in street violence, drug dealings, and gang activity in Huntington Station, Suffolk County Legislative Majority Leader Jon Cooper, D-Lloyd Harbor, introduced a bill on Thursday to locate a facility to house a police substation near the Jack Abrams School in Huntington Station."
"The area around Jack Abrams has been at the epicenter of the growing crime epidemic in Huntington Station this summer which caused school board officials to take the extraordinary step of deciding not to reopen the school to students when classes start again this fall."
My my how did this happen? The blame belongs to the stupido liberal Dumbocratic politicans like Huntington Supervisor Frank Petrone. Who like other liberals in the area welcomed illegal immigrants to invade the area. As early as 2000 politicians like Petrone threw out the welcome mat for the illegals by accommodating them with a town sponsored hiring area where they could get hired illegally for jobs they are not supposed to be allowed to have in this country. Here are the money quotes:

"A VACANT PARCEL of land near the Huntington Station railroad depot is being turned into an outdoor hiring hall for immigrant day laborers - most of them immigrants - whose swelling numbers over the years have prompted complaints."
"Huntington Station supervisor Frank Petrone said, "Everybody felt this was a good opportunity."
Good opportunity eh Frank? Hows that working out for ya now? It was a good opportunity to increase crime in the area that is all! Now all Suffolk Taxpayers will have to pay more for the stupid liberal idea that welcoming illegal immigrants into the community is a good thing. These stupido liberal politicians never seem to remember the Grassley Axiom:


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