Saturday, October 02, 2010

Rick Sanchez and other media idiots.

Since I have not worked since May I've been spending a lot of time on a sailboat anchored in places away from most of the mass media including cable TV. I have not been posting much recently but, I think it's time to get back into the fray a little bit. Personally, I can't feel to bad for Rick Sanchez getting fired at CNN. He often wore  his Hispanic heritage on his sleeve and also carried some demons in his closet. For example he used his mother in news pieces to try and play the sympathy card on illegal immigration. But, of course glosses over the fact that even though she has lived in the U.S. for over twenty years does not speak English. I mean WTF? If you are going to go to a country legally or illegally at least have the courtesy to speak the local language. I think anyone who travels at least tries to do that when in another country. Does not bother Rick though.
Sanchez also often also used his parents and the values they instilled in him too. Oh yeah Rick? How about that hit and run accident you were involved in which crippled a person who later died? What values did your father teach you to explain your actions in that incident. He was also in the car with you at the time! I guess you and he thought like the millions of illegals in this country you would be able to get away with it. Now you are complaining bout the Jews running the media? You could not even see how lucky you were. A guy with your baggage and you still had your own cable news show. Give me a break! You had more chances than you deserved and you blew it. Idiot!
    But, the sacking of Sanchez brings out more media idiots out of the woodwork too. Namely Melinda Henneberger of Politics Daily. Who with a typical idiot liberal rational says it's not Sanchez's fault. Here is the money quote:
"But there is a sad, circular pattern to the bigotry that Sanchez obviously experienced and was scarred by, embittered to the point that even as a successful cable anchor, it escaped his lips one day and blew up his career. That's why racism, and every form of discrimination, is so insidious: It can make you crazy, and is very, very hard to make a clean break from."-Melinda Henneberger

Liberals are always playing the "racism" card to explain why people like Sanchez and others self destruct or do bad things. No! Perhaps it's because they are idiots!

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