Monday, October 04, 2010


The Obama administration issued a warning to Americans traveling to Europe to be aware of their surroundings. In case their is a small arms Mumbai type terror attack. Now Obama can say we warned you. That counts as a success in Obamaland.  Meanwhile, in this country I'm thinking what is preventing it from happening here? With the Obama Administration making sure that illegal immigrats residing in this country have no fear that they will ever be deported and are also doing everything in their power to make sure that others including states like Arizonia are prevented from doing anything about the illegals in our midst.  Like these guys below, who are hardly hiding in the shadows:
But, because our Federal Government makes failure an option when it comes to enforcing illegal immigration laws. It makes you wonder how many more illegals are waiting in the shadows to do a terrorist attack in this country. I doubt we need to be concerned about traveling to Europe. Perhaps the Federal Government should be more concerned about what could happen here in this country a little more. They can start that process by enforcing illegal immigration laws instead of doing everything to make sure that they fail.

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