Saturday, December 25, 2010

CBS NEWS: Bias or stupidity? You decide!

Seems some people at CBS NEWS can not keep their Liberal bias out of their on air reporting. The most recent example is a report on the book publishing industry on the CBS program Sunday Morning. Seems some stupid editor or producer or maybe both thought it would be cute to include a fake cover of George Bush's recently published book DECISION POINTS in the broadcast piece. But, instead of the real cover of the book they edited this one into the piece:

Here is how it ran the cover shows up at about the sixteen second mark.

How did this happen at the esteemed house of Edward R. Murrow?  "In fact, the answer - according to CBS News - is behind door number three. "

"The network says that in researching covers for the story, this particular cover was pulled down from the Web unintentionally and clipped into the story. No one caught it before it went to air."-Newsday

Oh Really? Now this excuse is really CBS  Bull Shit! Do they really expect the public to believe that they just happened to take a fake cover of the book from the Internet? Here is a google search  for images of  Bush's book  
No, this was a deliberate decision by those working on the piece and all involved should be fired! But, that won't happen at a lamestream Liberal news organization like C BS News.

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