Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well I and many other Americans beat back another Liberal Dumbocratic and pro illegal immigrant piece of legislation. The so called DREAM Act sponsored by Senator Dick (dumb) Durbin in the Senate and Congressman Howard Berman in the House went down to defeat yesterday in the Senate. They called it the "Dream" Act but, it would  really be a nightmare for the United States if it was passed. It really was a back door amnesty program wraped up in a bleeding heart Liberal argument. The pro amnesty groups and Liberal Dumbocrats used the so called "children" of illegal immigrants as sympathy pawns to push this legislation. Which our dumbocratic President Obama called "a down payment on comprehensive immigration reform" aka amnesty for millions of other illegal immigrants. But, as Mickey Kaus points out the argument to pass this legislation was really a bunch of nonsense. Here is the money quote:

"Isn't there something a bit discordant about using posters of brilliant undocumented college and law students while you are complaining that without the DREAM Act undocumented kids won't be able to get an education? Obviously it's at least possible to get a college education, and some undocumented kids take good advantage of it. The effect is a little like those ads on your TV demonstrating how great your picture would be if you bought a new TV"

Indeed. Let's not forget that these illegal immigrant poster children used by Liberal Dumbocrats have already benefited immensely by getting a primary and secondary school education on the American Taxpayers dime already. Somehow even the word ungrateful does not seem to cut it when I see the same illegal immigrant children protesting in the streets because they now want citizenship as well.

Well, enough of the "Dreamers" let's move on to the idiots. This includes my elected Representatives Senators Chuck Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and Congressman Tim Bishop who will all be hearing from me in various media about their idiotic decision to vote for this legislation. The other idiots include President Obama who said it was "common sense" to pass this legislation. NO! Common sense says you don't reward illegality because you will get more of it!  Senator Jeff Sessions nailed it with this statement:

“This bill is a law that at its fundamental core is a reward for illegal activity.”

I agree with Sessions and so do most of the Senators who were able to stop this bill from moving forward!  Now how about some real enforcement of our immigration laws!

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