Wednesday, April 20, 2011


When I work in Washington D.C. I use to sometimes get my lunch at a Chipotle restaurant on Wisconsin Ave. But, I won't stop there again or any of other Chipotle's anymore here's why:

"The hundreds of illegal immigrants recently fired from fast-growing burrito chain Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc had a pretty good run when it came to job security.Not only did some get jobs with fake Social Security numbers and few questions about their immigration status, in some cases they actually told managers point-blank their papers were no good. And they often stayed on for years.Marta, an undocumented worker from Mexico, twice used false Social Security numbers to secure positions at the chain now being audited by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.She was hired with one false Social Security number in 2003 and rehired as a new employee a few years later under a different name with new, but still fake, number.
The second hire, in 2006, came after Marta told her bosses she needed to change her Social Security number because it belonged to someone else and had caused her mortgage application to fail."-Reuters

I'm not going to use my hard earned American dollars to support the corrupt corporate culture of Chipolte and reward their illegal hiring practices. They knew what they were doing. Chipolte made money by hiring cheap illegal immigrants instead of American workers who in these economic times need all the help they can get and that includes American teenagers who as the headlines often point out are finding it hard to find jobs in this economy too. So it's adios to Chipotle for me! The Chipolte motto is "Food with integrity"  but,  I guess that does not include ethical hiring practices! If they can't hire workers legally than I'll use my legal tender elsewhere. I hope others do the same.

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