Monday, May 30, 2011


Hard to tell if a New York Times article is just a PR piece for the Obama administration or a chronicle of a REAL effort by the Obama Administration to start to enforce our immigration laws. But, hopefully it will have a deterrent effect to those businesses that hire illegal immigrants. But, the article also shows that the Obama Administration does the job only halfway: Here are the money quotes:

"But at the arraignment days later in federal court here, no immigrant workers stood before the judge. The only criminal defendants were the owners, Mark Evenson and his son Christopher, and an accountant who worked with them, Diane Ingrid Strehlow. If the Evensons are convicted on all charges against them of tax fraud and harboring illegal workers, they each could face more than 80 years in jail."

I would hope those businesses and their accountants who do try to evade the law do some serious time along with some severe financial financial penalties.  In this case the IRS should also come down hard on them:

"The two of them, who are brothers, said they came to the United States from Mexico in the 1990s. Both had worked most of the time since in Chuy’s restaurants. The eldest, Alejandro Díaz Ojeda, 36, learned to cook the Chuy’s menu. Then he taught his brother, Javier, who is 30. The brothers said they had been treated well. “I became very fond of the company,” Javier said.
Their experience, however, suggests how the Evensons kept their menu prices famously low. The brothers said they were paid an hourly wage — Javier made $9.50 after 14 years — by payroll check for the first 40 hours a week. Any overtime was paid with a different check, with no taxes deducted and no higher rate, they said. Both brothers said they often worked 70 hours a week.

It seems these brothers were not only working here illegally but, evading taxes also! But, they were let go scott free while they pursue their attempt to get citizenship. WTF! I'd like to not pay taxes on any hours I worked after 40 for 14 years! I guess only illegal immigrants can get away with that without the IRS coming after them. File that under "Hola suckers".

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