Friday, May 27, 2011


Always good to check the news on Saturday that's when the important news is published that could be embarrising to the government and various politicians. It's called "taking out the trash" Release the stories on Friday (or say right before a holiday weekend like today) in the hopes that the people won't notice as they get ready for the weekend.  Today's Washington Post has an item concerning Fannie Mae's  favorite Congressman Barney "bailout" Frank.  It seems the Associated Press and the Washington Post made sure this little conflict of interest item does not get to much of a high profile and notice:

"WASHINGTON — Rep. Barney Frank says he helped his then-domestic partner land a job with Fannie Mae in the 1990s while Frank was serving on the House panel overseeing the mortgage company."-Washington Post

The Washington Post buried this item in the lower left hand corner of page A7. How long do the American people have to put up with corruption of politicans like Barney Frank?  It seems "reporters" are intimidated by politicians like Frank also.  Which is another reason why journalism is failing the American people these days too!

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