Saturday, December 24, 2011


Just when you think that the Obama Administration can't do anymore damage to United States in regards to condoning illegal behavior they open up a new front. This time their weapon of choice is from the Justice Department's newly expanded "Civil Rights" Department. Yes, the Obama administration hired over a hundred lawyers for this department headed by a liberal Latino named Thomas Perez with ties to a George Soros funded pro illegal immigrant organization. Guess what his emphasis is on? Stopping those Americans like Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has been rather successful in apprehending illegal immigrants in Arizona before they head to other states. The complaint is that he is targeting Latinos! Oh my!!! Well never let it be said that liberal Democrats in the Obama administration ever let reality and the facts get in the way of their ability to use racism as an argument instead of logic. In the case of Sheriff Arpaio they are claiming that his department targets Latino immigrants. Hello?  Most of the illegals in this country are Latinos. Most of them come from Mexico. Arizona is a state that borders on Mexico. The DUHpartment of Justice under the hapless and incompetent Obama and Clinton administration legal water boy Eric Holder  ignores this fact. Or maybe it's just because the Obama administration has the policy of making FAILURE an option when it comes to illegal immigration enforcement and anyone who actually is successful in enforcing the law like Sheriff Arapio  threatens that Obama policy of failure. 

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