Thursday, December 15, 2011


U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry's died one year ago by a weapon that was part of the Justice Department's flawed Fast and Furious gun running program. Ironically, it is also the day when that same Justice Department announced it is going after Sheriff Joe Arpaio who has been more successful in enforcing the country's immigration laws than the Federal Government has. It seems failure is the modus operandi of the Federal Government when it comes illegal immigration enforcement. The ultimate outrage of Federal Government failures is that it resulted in the death of agents like Brian Terry who was killed by illegal immigrants using those guns:

"We have mourned murdered National Park Service ranger Kris Eggle. And Denver detective Donnie Young. And Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy David March. And Houston police officer Rodney Johnson. And so many more.All are etched in my consciousness permanently, but none have shaken me more than the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry one year ago today. The systemic incompetence, callousness, and corruption that created the conditions for his murder are unfathomable. The cover-up that continues today in the White House is unconscionable."- Michelle Malkin

Perhaps if the Justice Department would be more concerned with stopping those who enter this country illegally and stop going after AMERICANS who are actually on the front lines of protecting this country and stop persecuting them or allowing illegaly purchased guns to walk back across the border justice would have been served and Brian Terry would still be alive.

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