Thursday, July 05, 2012


Charles P. Garcia the CEO of Garcia Trujillo is a  wealthy Hispanic executive who makes a fortune dealing with the Hispanic market (legal and illegal). He is on the march to eradicate the term “illegal immigrant.” It is obvious he has a vested interest in seeing that as many illegal Hispanics remain in the U.S. as possible. So he can keep filling his company coffers and lining his own pockets. William Bigalow has the money quote on the issue:

"As usual, those who insist on obfuscating issues take advantage of parsing terms in order to delegitimize those terms.  What Garcia does is to separate the two words “illegal” and “immigrant” and then conclude that their concomitant use is incorrect because the term illegal is incorrect. But Garcia conveniently misses the point: the terms are used together because their use is to define the people described as having performed an illegal act; they have illegally crossed the border"

Since Charles Garcia wants to eradicate the term illegal immigrant and legitimize those who enter the U.S. illegally. Perhaps he won't be upset if people climb over the fence of his property and use his pool and just generally hang around and live on his property for a few years.  After all that's what some illegal immigrants do here in the U.S. He does not seem to have a problem with that. So doing the same on his property should not bother him. We will tell him to just consider us "uninvited houseguests" not trespassers and by his standard we should not be considered to be on his property illegally.

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