Monday, July 30, 2012


The Liberal Democrats are showing just how anti-business the party has become with a number of Democratic politicians calling for the banning of Chick Fil A restaurants in their cities. Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel have said that they don't want Chick-fil-A franchises in their cities because the owner of Chick-fil-A is a devout Christian and opposes same-sex marriage.  Now comes New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn an angry, ethnically challenged, liberal, Lesbian who goes one step further. She is calling for the Chick Fil A restaurant at NYU to be closed.  This is crazy talk even for someone as ethically challenged as speaker Quinn is. It was Quinn who in 2008 backed billionaire Mayor Mike Bloomberg on a controversial bill that overturned voter-approved term limits and allowed for the mayor, city council members (including her), and borough presidents to run for third terms, reversing the results of two successive public referendums.  In these hard economic times for any politician to be calling for the closing of any business is just insane. But, that's what crazy Christine Quinn is calling for.

I say support Chik Fil A in fact join others in not being intimidated by the likes of anti free speech Liberals that control the Democratic Party these days.  Yes, even join Antione Johnson for some of those delicious  waffle fries:

But, if you really want to boycott a business how about going after Chipotle . Just remember Chic Fil A does hire gays but, Chipotle for years got away with hiring illegal immigrants. And the Liberals wonder where the jobs went?

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