Tuesday, October 02, 2012


On Monday Joe Scarborough addressed the controversy about the doctored video clip MSNBC ran last week. He says he even showed the clip that they ran. I don't think so! You can see the original clip that MSNBC ran last week here.
The clip Scarborough showed on Monday did not have the text insert with the word "Ryan" on the screen and that little audio edit glitch that MSNBC ran last week. It is not the same clip at all. You can see the clip that  Scarborough says is what they ran last week here:

Looks like another cover up at MSNBC. What Scarborough and the other dinosaurs still on cable don't realize that it's not a "conspiracy theory" by "cheetos eating" bloggers living in their mom's basement. It's  ordinary people fact checking the mainstream media's ass and MSM does not like it. If Scarborough wants to denigrate bloggers and their influence he should have a talk with Dan Rather.

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