Friday, February 15, 2013

HOLA SUCKERS FILE: 2 Billion $ goes to illegal immigrant healthcare

 "Even though federal law largely bars illegal immigrants from obtaining Medicaid coverage, the program annually pays out more than $2 billion in free emergency coverage that mostly goes to illegal immigrants, according to Kaiser Health News.
The vast majority of the total emergency care reimbursements cover delivering babies, Kaiser reports.
Based on a Kaiser data analysis of the states believed to have the greatest populations of illegal immigrants — including California, New York, Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Illinois and Florida — more than 100,000 people annually receive emergency care that is reimbursed by Medicaid." -READ MORE

You gotta wonder why American taxpayers continue pay taxes and also pay to buy health insurance with their hard earned money. Illegal immigrants don't! Guess who is paying the bill though? Hola suckers!

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