Thursday, February 28, 2013


Why anyone would think the Federal Government under Obama could ever secure our borders and live up to ANY comprehensive immigration reform plan is painfully obvious with the release of thousands of illegal immigrants by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Federal Government sponsored jail break releasing thousands of criminal illegal immigrants into communities around the United States is not only stupid but, borders on insanity.
Let me get this straight. The Federal Government had these illegal immigrants in custody not only for being in the U.S. illegally but, also for other crimes committed in the U.S. But, instead of deporting them NOW and reducing the expense to the Federal Government in case of a sequester. Some idiot manager at ICE releases them back into U.S. communities.  Oh yeah but, they claim they are being monitored. Uh huh at government expense . Why not just deport them NOW and not release them back into the communities where they committed their crimes. It's just a nutty policy that makes no sense!
What needs to happen is who decided to this. Even before the dreaded sequester excuse happened. Though it certainly fits into the Obama Administration's Failure is an Option plan when it comes to enforcing illegal immigration laws. No doubt head of Clownland Security Janet No(enforcement)politano should be dragged into the investigation. Her henchman at ICE Joe Morton too! Meanwhile, the Obama White house is pulling a Sargent Schultz "We know nothing". Which is why Arizona Governor Jan Brewer rightly remarked "Who is running this country? Who indeed!

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